Thursday, September 22, 2011


This summer has been so much fun! It is so sad to think it is over! Poor Nate has been studying his tail off for the DAT and all the prerequisites! But at least we were able to go on a few short vacations! At the beginning of July, we went to Arizona for the Criddle family reunion. It was so much fun to spend time with all of them and play with my adorable little nieces and nephews.

Grand Canyon

In Sedona at a cool leather shop!

We celebrated our one year anniversary too! (Sorry I'm a little late...) I can't believe it has already been a year, but then again, it feels like we have been married forever! :) I have loved every minute of being married. I truly married my best friend and I couldn't have asked for a better man! We went to the Josh Groban concert (yep you can be jealous!!) which was INCREDIBLE! He is so talented and quite funny! We stayed at the Little America and just enjoyed each others company and pigged out at the delicious breakfast buffet (don't worry we didn't eat lunch either!) Since it was Sunday and we were missing church, we thought we would go walk around the temple but ended up taking a tour of the Conference Center. I learned a lot and the sweet little lady who guided our tour thought we weren't members so she really elaborated on each painting. It was so fun though and made for a great Sunday activity! After that we went up the Provo Canyon to the place we had our wedding reception (Timpanogos Park) and Keeley had a blanket and chocolate dipped strawberries for Nate while we sung him a little song! I am going to make it a little tradition to learn a new song and sing to him each year! All in all, it was such a great weekend with my hubby! 

We also did a last minute trip to visit one of my really good friends Alli and her Husband Rob in California. They were so sweet to let us stay with them. Their home is absolutely gorgeous! They live so close to everything awesome about Cali! The beach and Disneyland...what more could you ask for??

Toy Story is one of our favorite rides!! Sorry it's blurry!

The New Star Tours ride!

My brother-in-law Daniel got married to Sabrina! They are so cute together and Sabrina is such a sweet girl!

Adorable right?? She is GORGEOUS!

Here are a few fun pictures of my cute nephews Zachary and Brady. We had the pleasure of babysitting them for the weekend. These two boys are the most fun people to play with! We were dancing in the pictures below, and actually Zach was teaching me how to dance! :) Can I just say I am so excited to have babies?! :) Thank you Em and Jake for this fun weekend!

 We went to the Allstar game at the Bee's Stadium and it was so much fun! They had an awesome firework show afer too!

Jacob, Matthew, Me, and Nate
Nate and I trained for a bike race for MS with UCCU! We were supposed to do 100 miles, but poor Nate woke up with a fever so we only did 40 miles and it was perfect! It was a lot of fun!

Well that was our summer! Busy and fun, just how I like it. :) Love you all!

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  1. So fun! I SERIOUSLY teared up when said that you had a blanket with dipped strawberries waiting for Nate at your reception site and that you girls sang to him. I am so glad he married you! And you can watch my boys anytime! :) Love ya!